US 66 in Arizona



My name is Lew and I recently purchased some land in Concho.  Like everyone else in that process, you want to learn everything you can about the area, and that involves a lot of Googling, Facebooking, and a variety of internet and local in-face sources.  I thought it would be helpful to try and put together what I found into one place, and this is it.

The other thing a person wants to know is what the heck is going on?!?!  If you are new to an area, or you don’t step outside the door much, you might want to see what is happening that could entice you to attend.  I know in my former life, I did a lot of event photography, and know how much fun people were having at an event, with friends, neighbors, and strangers, doing something you all enjoy.

Even with a lot of research, you still can only find so much and there is nothing like getting the help of other members of the community. 

You can reach me with anything you can help add to the site including content, events, or anything you think the community would like to know.

Thanks for your warm welcome!


The priority of this site will be the southern Apache County area, but, close by is Show Low, Snow Flake, Taylor, etc. They are close enough to go to for events, and for some of us shopping. So it behooves me to at least include the events from the surrounding area… Keep in mind, that for those in Concho, they are closer to Show Low than other towns in the County such as Springerville and Greer.